Get ready we are change the was Publishers and Agency's build and sell campaigns.

  • Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals
  • Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals
  • Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals
  • Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals
  • Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals
  • Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals

Build Campaigns ~ Train on Products ~ Win Bigger Deals

We are changing the way publishers build and sell campaigns.

Train team members with product trainings and weekly updated content from Ryan Dohrn.

Ryan is an Emmy award-winning sales trainer who has worked with small and large teams across the world. 

Included with this package, you will receive two training videos: one for your sales team and one for your prospects. Your team will be fully trained on the products they are selling, and you can also educate your prospects on what these products can do for their businesses. 

Each week, Ryan will deliver new sales training videos with the latest information they need to be successful.

Let Ryan bring his world-class leadership to your sales teams. Even if you have a sales manager, Ryan can keep them in the know with what prospects are looking for in your market.

Don’t have a sales manager? Ryan’s weekly sales tools inside The Campaign Planner will be the perfect fit for you and your team. This program allows you to meet in person or virtually every week and hear from a true sales leader. 

Delivered to you every week inside The Campaign Planner app, you will receive:

A written sales plan for the week.
A sales video directly from Ryan speaking to your team on what they need to know, while also pumping up your team to get out there and meet with clients.
A full list of sales talking points for the week. These are things that your sales team can’t forget to talk to customers about. For example: "Talk to your retail customers about their holiday plans in July not November."
A pre-written prospecting email with a subject line that your team can copy and paste, and send to prospects. This is perfect for identifying new prospects every week and quickly reaching out with the perfect message. No more wasting time trying to write the perfect email.

Account Managers used to learn and sell only a few products.
Not anymore.

Print Media
Your Own Website
Programmatic Display
Online Digital Display
Special Events
Online Contest
3D Models and Tours
Custom Publications
Special Sections of Publications
Mobile Marketing (Texting)
Over the Top / CTV
Paid Social
Direct Mail

With new products constantly showing up, how can you keep your sales team trained and not forgetting about new products?

Gone are the days of the yearly-updated Media Kits.

Every product needs its own set of sales sheets – mockups – examples.

Media buyers need to SEE what they are buying.

It's NO WONDER we leave money on the table.
How can we expect our sales teams to remember it all?

We all the products, but where is all the supporting sales material?

These days, we send our sales teams looking everywhere to find what they need for meetings, and everything is stored all over the place. Finding these materials is time-consuming and usually requires your production team to recreate material. Even worse is when we have to update product information and hope everyone gets the corrected files. This causes lost time in production and for your sales team.

To have a successful sales team, we have to do better. We have to make the process faster and easier, and most importantly, repeatable.

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Build Campaigns together WITH your customers.


Today, the buying journey is different. It can be a long process and look very unorganized when we have so many products to offer, jumping from one sales sheet to a PDF or Slide Deck, or even a video.

Or worse, you don’t have any of this, and you’re trying to explain with words what a digital product looks like or how fast ads rotate.

This gets buyers very distracted and anxious, causing them to just tell you to “send them something.”


Take your buyer on a journey where you and your buyer first choose what type of media you have that might be a good fit for them.

Then, review each product in a clean, simple design that has all the example pictures and mock-up you want, along with video and animated graphics.

If you’re still not 100%, or still need a little help, we have Ryan there with you with a short client-facing video to help the buyer understand and become more educated.

Once done, present a full summary that tells your buyer how large of an audience they will be reaching with the average CPM and cost, along with options to see it with payment plans to level out the cost for the buyer. You will even have charts and graphs on where they are spending money and how diverse their campaign is.

Trusted by publishers and agencies, The Campaign Planner was built by publishers for publishers.

Track your team's top 20 prospects and hold them accountable.

We all track opportunities we have with clients, and that can be a lot of opportunities. While this is great and what needs to be done, we often lose the ability to focus on what is most important.

Our belief, here at The Campaign Planner, is to track all the opportunities but focus daily on the top 20. With that said, we also believe in Ryan’s Top 20 Cod-Minnow-Whale, meaning your top 20 should be a balance of 20% Minnow — 60% Cod — 20% Whale. This is a simple way of looking at buyers and not just focusing on the big one and small one but having a well-balanced pipeline.

Just in case you think differently, you can adjust to fit your team.

The real power here is the Audit Trail for each buyer. This allows you to set weekly, or whenever you like, meetings with your team to look at their top 20 and see everything that changed since a client was added to the list. You will know when they were added, the estimated value, and what bucket they fall into. Every time an amount or bucket changes, you have the Audit Trail to see when and what changed. This is great for helping Account Managers know when to let go or push forward.

Increase Sales with Bonus Incentives
(if you want to, of course)

Account Managers and Buyers build campaigns together, all while building Bonus dollars to spend on new products they may not have bought before due to their budget.

Bonuses are on a tiered system you set. For every $X.XX you spend, you get $X.XX in Bonus dollars. Reach the next level and get the next level of Bonus.

We find this helps solve two problems Account Managers have:

1. Discounting
2. Getting current and even new buyers to try new products.

We do this by explaining to the buyer that we don’t have much room, if any, for discounts since we have our Bonus dollars program. We also let them know that Bonus dollars can’t be used as a discount, so we can encourage them to take some time to explore some new products they may not have had budget for, or get a little more of what they already like.

Bonus dollars are up to you to use and can be limited to what products are eligible for Bonus dollar buys.

Build custom campaigns WITH your clients.

Earn Bonus dollars along the way.

Use Bonus dollars to get FREE media and explore new products.

Simple Pricing

Platform License and 10 Users
$ 499
  • 10 Users Included
  • No Setup Charges
  • Training Included
Limited Time

Additional Add-ons

  • Additional User $25/Monthly

    Our Platform license come with 10 user, this is for each user after 10

  • Sales Coach $150.00/Monthly

    Weekly updated sales training and prospecting emails from Ryan Dohrn.

  • Concierge Onboarding Custom

    We do all the work for you just let us know your products and sit back and enjoy our white glove service and we will have you up and running in no time.

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